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APEEL Perfect for use in food waste dump bins, commercial buildings, sporting clubs, hospitals, hotels and motels. Also suited to eliminate odours...

Perfect for use in food waste dump bins, commercial buildings, sporting clubs, hospitals, hotels and motels. Also suited to eliminate odours where there has been smoke, fire and water damage. After carpet cleaning spray APEEL once in the air to leave lasting fresh fragrance.


It has been proven in University studies in the USA that aromas can influence human behaviour. The findings are that – pleasant aromas improve job satisfaction, increase productivity and help reduce personal conflicts. The conclusion being that a fresh tangy aroma can make a dramatic difference to a workplace and living environment.

Since the Citrus Resources range of products was introduced, we have received hundreds of compliments about the natural orange aromas ,and how they actually make you feel good and reduce odour build-up. With customer response like this, it is easy to see why we have spent a long time developing an orange and fruit aroma that links with odour residuality and bad odour destruction. The natural blend of aromas in APEEL actually neutralise and absorb bad odours, replacing them with an unmistakable fresh sweet orange and fruit scent. We believe you will love it.


It is made from orange by products, fruit and flower by products and a special type of honey known for its mild germicidal action. This gives us a unique advantage in selling the product – one 500-ml bottle will do the job of 5 litres of regular deodorant and you don’t need to dilute it, yet it rinses through fabric, and fibres in carpet and upholstery.

Instead of using many litres of made up diluted solution, you only use one squirt of line mist concentrate that expands rapidly to circulate to every problem area, for rapid 24 hour odour control – it is so economical, just 3 or 4 squirts per room. It only costs a few cents.


Carpet Deodorant, Odour Absorber – we have made a special effort to satisfy this market because professional carpet cleaning is a big market and we can offer something new that will give the carpet cleaner more income in add-on sales. APEEL’s aroma and formulation is completely compatible to CITRAFRESH carpet prespray.

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Regular price $73.90